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Peasantman Race Details
The race site start/finish/transition area is at Indian Pines Park in Penn Yan. The event is officially sanctioned by USAT. The extra distance (making this a 'Steel Distance' race) is only on the bike course. The swim and run are no different than normal half or ultra-distances. Details and maps for each race are below, or just click the button to the right to watch the video for your particular race. For race pricing, click the red registration button on the upper right.
Every summer before the event, Peasantman founder Joe McMahon and some close friends do their own complete race of the Full Steel Distance course, because Joe says he wouldn't want the Peasants to do something he couldn't do himself. Check out some of the videos of his past trial runs on our Youtube page for more.
Expo / Athlete Check-in - Saturday August 17, 2019 - 10am-5pm
The seventh annual Peasantman Expo will take place on Saturday August 17th, 2019 from 10am - 5pm at Indian Pines Park, followed by the Athlete's Meeting at 5:15pm.
Packet Pickup
Bike Check-in
Athlete's Meeting - 5:15pm
The Athlete's Meeting is very important and we'd consider it mandatory. Race founder Joe McMahon will explain all of the course details and answer any questions you may have. In the meantime please see the link on the upper right to find out details for your specific race. Each race has its own video.
The Expo is free to attend and open to the public, so if you are a spectator feel free to come meet our vendors and sample some great food.
Race Start Times and Cutoff Times - Sunday August 18, 2019
• 7:00am - Full Steel Distance, Full Relay and Full Aqua Bike Start
• 7:30am - Half, Half Relay, Half Aqua Bike Start
• 8:00am - Intermediate Start
• 8:30am - Sprint Start
Cutoff Times (apply to all races):
• 9:30am - Swim course closed. Any swimmers remaining in the water will be removed from the course and will not be able to continue racing.
• 1:45pm - End first half of bike for the full distance (second lap must be complete ~ bike course for the full steel distance is four laps).
• 5:45pm - Bike course closed.
• 12:30am - Run course closed. Runners not finished will be picked up from the course.
*Transition area opens at 5:00am and closes 30 minutes before the start of your race.
Indian Pines Park
Swim Course
The swim course is totally flat and has no hills, isn't that great? Check out the chart to the right so you can see the details. It's a 1.2 mile loop, meaning it's 2 laps for the Full, 1 lap for the half, a slightly smaller lap for the Intermediate, and a much smaller lap for the Sprint.
Questions about wet suit rules? Click here for the official USAT rules regarding wet suits.
Bike Course
The bike course is where the slight 'extra' distance for the race comes from. Our friends from Geneva Bicycle Center and other professionals created and mapped this course.
The ride will be spectacular, as you'll pass many Amish buggies while cutting along both arms of Keuka Lake. The total distance of a loop is 29 miles, so riders will go 4 laps for the Full, 2 laps for the Half, 1 for the Intermediate, and a shorter out-and-back for the Sprint. Notice the nice downhill for the last few miles!  
Special thanks to Tomion's Farm Market on Route 14a. They have generously allowed us to set up a water station and rest area in their parking lot!
Click here to see a link to this course on MapMyRide. (Thanks to Gael Orr, one of our sponsors from Once Again Nut Butter, for creating this map).
Special Needs Areas are available along both the bike and run courses.
Want a high-resolution printable version with details? Click here:
Run Course
The run course is both scenic yet rather flat and simple. The course runs almost entirely along the northwestern shore of the lake.
From Indian Pines Park, take a left and follow West Lake Road for just over 3.25 miles, and then come back. That means one lap for the Intermediate, two laps for the Half, and four full laps for the Full. The sprint turnaround will be at the 1.55 mile mark.
Click here to see a link to this course on MapMyRun. (Thanks again to Gael Orr from Once Again Nut Butter for creating this map).
Special Needs Areas are available along both the bike and run courses.
Want a high-resolution printable version with details? Click here:
Special Needs Bags
How do special needs bags work? If you're new to triathlons, you'd use special needs bags to store your own personal stuff for the bike and run courses. We'll provide the actual bags, and you can supply your stuff. Or you can even supply the bags. The last aid station on the bike and the first aid station on the run double as special needs areas, so you'll want two special needs bags - one on each course. Get it?
With one special needs area on each course, this means you will pass it on each loop. With the run, however, you'll see it twice as many times because it is an out-and-back course. In other words... if you're doing the Half, you'll see the special needs station twice on the bike and four times on the run. Double that for the Full! Make sense?
Aside from engraved trophies for the top male and female overall slots in the Half and Full, medals are awarded to all who finish the Full, Half, Relay and Aquabike. These things are huge too... 3 1/2" wide with a weight approximately 1/7th of a seven pound stone! Intermediate and Sprint finishers get competitor medals too - just not as big. And ALL competitors get a sweet tech shirt during check-in.
But there's something more important than medals and trophies. As a Peasant, you're out to earn the King's respect. If you finish the Full, Half, Relay or Aquabike, you will be knighted by the either the Queen or the King of the Finger Lakes, and receive a Certificate of Knighthood, proving that you are, in fact, worthy. This will earn you entry into our exclusive Knight Club (just don't talk about Knight Club). For the Intermediate you'll receive a Certificate of Deed to the Finger Lakes. That's pretty special too.
Overall Winners: Free Slots for the Next Year!
If you are the overall male or female winner of the Full, Half, Intermediate, or Sprint, you will get a FREE SLOT for the same distance the next year! (Relays and Aqua Bikes not included).
Note: Registering for Peasantman after August 1st decreases your chances of obtaining a complete pre-race packet or finisher's packet. Materials such as shirts and medals have already been ordered by that date. Race materials are first-come-first-serve for anyone who registers after August 1st.
Refund/Deferral Policy
Most corporate races do not allow refunds, with good reason. When you register for a race, the organizers incur costs by purchasing your medals, shirts, swag bags and other race day supplies. If you elect not to race, those goods go to waste. Peasantman doesn't offer refunds either, but unlike many other corporate races, we do have a limited deferral/transfer policy for athletes suffering from injury or other hardships - if you contact us prior to August 1st. For details and to see which races qualify, please read our Peasantman Deferral Policy.
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