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Welcome to your FREE Peasantman 72.3 training plan provided by QT2 Systems!

We have teamed up with QT2 Systems to provide guidance to athletes who are newer to the 72.3 distance. Athletes who register for the 2022 Individual Peasantman Half Steel Distance 72.3 race by May 13th - or have already registered for it - will be eligible to sign up for a free training plan geared specifically towards getting you ready for the Peasantman 72.3 race. Athletes will have the ability to choose between a Beginner or Intermediate training plan based on prior experience and current training volume (details below).

While a group plan such as this is no replacement for true 1-on-1 coaching, we hope that it will give you enough guidance to get you to the start line healthy and to the finish line fast and safely.

About QT2
Since 2006 QT2 has been a leader in 1-on-1 coaching for endurance sports. QT2’s focus on our Five Cornerstones to Success - Training, Recovery/Nutrition, Race Pacing, Race Fueling, and Mental Fitness has produced consistent results for athletes of all ages and ability levels from beginners to age group Kona qualifiers to professional athletes.

Feel free to learn more at www.qt2systems.com



Your Peasantman 72.3 training plan will be administered by QT2 coach Dave Zimmet. Coach Dave has been coaching with QT2 for 5 years, is a Level 1 USAT Certified coach, Level 1 QT2 coach with 11 years of race experience.
Choosing the right plan for you

Use the following descriptions to decide which plan is the right fit for you.

Beginner Plan
Peasantman beginner 72.3 training plan is geared towards athletes with some experience with shorter triathlon distance racing and are looking to make the jump to a 72.3. This plan is designed to help you build your base fitness and durability to help you safely complete your first 72.3 race.

Duration: 16 weeks
Starting Volume: 9 hrs.
Peak Volume: 14 hrs.

Intermediate Plan
Peasantman intermediate plan is geared towards athletes that have raced a couple 70.3 (or 72.3) already and are looking to improve their performance. This plan with build your aerobic fitness, improve your peripheral durability and help you produce a better race result.

Duration: 16 weeks
Starting Volume: 11 hrs.
Peak Volume: 16.5 hrs.

Getting Started
To get started with our free 72.3 training plan you will need the following:

• A Training Peaks account (free or premium) – Sign Up HERE
• You must be connected to coach Dave through Training Peaks – Connect HERE
• A GPS and Heartrate enabled watch
• You must sign the waiver agreeing to the terms & conditions of use

Sign up for your free 72.3 Peasantman training plan here.

©2021 Peasantman Events LLC. All rights reserved. Contact Peasantman: info@peasantman.com | (315) 670-7191