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Peasantman Deferral/Transfer Policy
Most corporate races do not allow refunds, with good reason. When you register for a race, the organizers incur costs ahead of time by purchasing your medals, shirts, swag bags and other race day supplies. If you elect not to race, those goods go to waste. Peasantman doesn't offer refunds either, but unlike many other corporate races, we do have a limited deferral/transfer policy for athletes suffering from injury or other hardships. There are limits however, so please read the details below.
  • If you are registered for any individual race other than the Intermediate or Sprint distances, you have the option of deferring to the next year or transferring your registration to another person for a $50 fee. Intermediates, Sprints, or Relay teams cannot be deferred or transferred.
  • You must notify Peasantman of your decision to A) defer or B) transfer your registration by August 1 before the race. You can notify us through email at info@peasantman.com or by phone at 315-670-7191. Deferring or transferring after August 1 is not allowed.
  • If you elect to defer to the next year or transfer your registration to another athlete, your $50 transfer/deferral fee is due on race day. Afterward, race fees are surrendered. If you qualify, make checks payable to Peasantman Events and mail to: Peasantman Events, 135 Fieldston Terr. Rochester, NY 14610.
  • Deferrals are only good for the next year and cannot be extended for multiple years.
  • 'Downsizing' your race is allowed prior to August 10th before the race, but there are no partial refunds for this. Original purchase price stands.
  • Peasantman allows for a restricted in-race 'downsize' to some extent. If you are competing in the Half or Full and do not complete the run portion, you will be awarded an Aquabike finisher's medal, however you will not qualify for Aquabike awards. Only those specifically registered for the Aquabike qualify.
  • Note: Registering for Peasantman after August 1 decreases your chances of obtaining a complete pre-race packet or finisher's packet. Materials such as shirts and medals have already been ordered by that date. Race materials are first-come-first-serve for anyone who registers after August 1.
©2021 Peasantman Events LLC. All rights reserved. Contact Peasantman: info@peasantman.com | (315) 670-7191