Thank You for a Great 2018!
Hi everybody! We'd like to offer a heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in the 6th annual Peasantman Steel Distance Triathlon Series. Aside from the perfect racing conditions, the 2018 race also brought us some breathtaking highlights, including a husband/wife Half Distance winning duo, a shattered Full Steel Distance overall course record, and a 6-time defending champion relay team!
For the sixth straight year the community welcomed our event with open arms, and we cannot overstate how much that means to us. So we first need to acknowledge the people behind the scenes who made Peasantman 2018 possible.
Several local organizations volunteered at the aid stations, making our lives much easier (see detailed list at the bottom). Lifeguards and kayakers patrolled the swim course. Jim Hogan of Geneva Bicycle Center provided his annual support on the bike course. Dan Doyle, Mary Ann Martin, and the village of Penn Yan were all critical to the event's success. The towns of Jerusalem and Benton along with the residents of all of the surrounding communities have all put tremendous effort, faith, and belief into this cause, and we are very grateful. The Penn Yan Police Department, Yates County Sheriff's Department / Marine Patrol, and the New York State Police all helped maintain the safety of the event. Our local sponsors came through HUGE. And of course we need to thank the hundreds of athletes who participated!
Check out the final race results here:
Rudy Project Launches Project Podium for Full Distance
Are you a Full Steel Distance racer who finished first in your age group? Remember that our Full Steel Distance is a Project Podium eligible race! This means that age group winners from the Full are eligible for a prize pack worth up to $625 in gear from the Rudy Project!
For complete details on how to submit your information and retrieve your prize pack from the Rudy Project, click here.
2019 Registration Details and Early Rates
2019 registration will open on September 1st with special early rates that will last until September 15th. We'll announce more details as we get closer.
Race Photos
Stay tuned as we get our race photo library together. We'll announce when they are available and we'll provide a link. Photos will be free and there will be no water mark logos across your face. We have many thousands of images to go through, as well as videos, so it will take some time.
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Check out our photos and videos as we post them. Keep updated year-round with information on registration, as well as other events we're taking part in.
Special Thanks
Peasantman would like to offer additional thanks to the following organizations and individuals below for their efforts in this year's event. We couldn't have done it without you all! We apologize if we missed anyone!
Full Steel Distance: Kerzia Marchant (left) broke the all-time course record while winning the Women's race! Cory Fleming took home this year's Men's title.
Jennie Hansen set a course record in the Women's Half Steel Distance while husband David won the Men's title.
Team America notched their 6th straight Half Relay Title!
Sprint champ Ryan Kreuser along with his father Marc.
Laura Leistra and Chris Halsey win the Intermediate races.
Mary Eggers took home the Women's Sprint title.
The Silicon Dudes won the Full Steel Distance Relay.
Village of Penn Yan
Town of Benton
Town of Jerusalem
Penn Yan Police Department
Yates County Sheriff's Department/Marine Patrol
New York State Police
Dan Doyle
Mary Ann Martin
Penn Yan Educators' Association
Penn Yan High School National Honor Society
Penn Yan Theater Company
Al Desadario
Jim Hogan - Geneva Bicycle Center
Jeremy Hammond
Tomion's Farm Market
Larry Lewis
James, Linda, and Olivia Swinnerton
Joe and Nolan Anderson
Cesar Rodriguez
Emily and Madison McMahon
Ed Martin
Dale Dimick
Aleisha Khan
Carolynn Amery
Ally Amery and kids
Ann Marie Stephens
Cynthia Hummel
Marion Weisse
Will Mitchell
Chris Christensen and Heather
Jennifer and Aubriana Martone
Nick Huang
Penn Yan Fire Department Hose & Hydrant Co.
Lyonsmith Brewing Company
Penn Yan EMTs
Aimee, Taylor, and Alexis Greklek
Bo Shoemaker
Barry Cherney
Brian Levendusky
Chris Irick
Chris Van Kirk
Tom Awad
Stephanie Barbero
Michelle Dulieu
Linying Shen
Chris Milthaler
Andrew Thomas
DJ and Alaina Bradshaw
Best Western
Dr. Herb Gaston
Simon, Phillip, and Paul Gaston
Carol Beucler
All of the residents of the surrounding communities!
Anyone we mistakenly forgot :(
And of course we need to thank these sponsors:
Thanks again everyone for another great year!
~The Peasantman Events Team
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