Peasantman Updates and Details
Greetings Peasants! The expo is underway at Indian Pines Park as we set up for Sunday's race series, so here are some more important details.
Expo Schedule - Indian Pines Park
• Saturday August 19th, 10:00am-5:00pm - Expo, Packet Pickup, Bike Check-in
• Athletes' Meeting - Saturday August 19th, 5:15pm-5:45pm
Parking and Directions
The primary parking lot for athletes on race day will be the athletic field at the entrance of the park (marked in green in the illustration right). This lot will be clearly marked.
Although Indian Pines Park has a large parking lot and we don't expect it to fill up during the expo, it will on race day. Local residents have first dibs at parking at the park, so that's why the athletic field will be the designated lot for athletes on race day.
Please do not park along Ritchey Blvd. or Old Pines Trail. The neighbors around the park have been very kind and understanding when it comes to Peasantman, so we request that you do everything to respect their property on race day.
If the lot at Indian Pines Park is full, we've reserved Keuka Business Park as overflow parking, on route 54A adjacent to the intersection at Ritchey Blvd. All parking is free.
Address for Indian Pines Park:
69 Old Pines Trail, Penn Yan, NY 14527
Google Map
Course Overview Videos
Remember to check out our series of race videos. Each of our races has its own overview video. So go to our YouTube page and find the details for your race.
Note: This is NOT to be used as a replacement for the in-person Athlete's Meeting the night before the race. Course details can change because of weather, construction, or safety reasons. We'll also have a Q&A session during the in-person meeting to address any last minute details, if any. Athletes are responsible for knowing the course.
Race Start Times - Sunday August 20th
• 7:00am - Full Steel Distance, Full Relay, Full Aqua Bike Start
• 7:30am - Half Steel Distance, Half Relay, Half Aqua Bike Start
• 8:00am - Intermediate Start
• 8:30am - Sprint Start
Swim Information - Lake Temperature and Wetsuit Info
The temperature of the lake varies greatly depending in different parts of the lake. It also varies by time of day, weather conditions, and currents. The latest readings in Keuka Lake have varied between the low to mid 70's, however the actual race temperature will be announced by the USAT official prior to the start of the race on Sunday morning. We're looking for a magic number of 78 degrees and under as being wetsuit legal. For more specific USAT rules regarding wetsuit use, click here.
Race Nutrition Information
Nutrition information is available on our website. Or just Click Here for the link.
We can never have too many volunteers. If you'd like to experience the excitement of a triathlon like Peasantman, we'd love to have your help. Volunteering means you get free food and drink to go along with a free shirt and a party atmosphere. To sign up as a volunteer, visit our volunteer page or come see us at the Expo. Even if you're a spectator you can give us some help when you have some free time.
Thanks Peasants... can't wait to see you all on race weekend!
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