Peasantman thanks you for another great year!
Peasantman 2016 gave us weather better fit for medieval seafaring pirates, but yet the Peasants soldiered on. Along with the debut of our Sprint race, this year brought us our first four-time champions – Rachel Beckmann in the Half and Team America in the relay. (Click here for 2016 results).
As always, we would like to say thanks to everyone who helped make this event possible. Several local organizations volunteered at the aid stations, making our lives much easier. Lifeguards and kayakers patrolled the swim course. Jim Hogan of Geneva Bicycle Center had his hands full on the bike course, helping with the occasional flat tire. The village of Penn Yan, the Town of Jerusalem, and the residents of the surrounding communities have all put tremendous effort, faith and belief into this cause, and we are very grateful. The Penn Yan Police Department, Yates County Sheriff's Department, and New York State Police all helped maintain the safety of the event. Dan Doyle, Mary Ann Martin and Mark Hulse from the village of Penn Yan were all critical to the event's success. And of course we need to thank the hundreds of athletes who participated!
The athletes and the Peasantman events team braved the treacherous weather early in the day, despite the last-minute cancellations by our event photographer and race announcer. (Special thanks to Lisa MacKenzie for an outstanding job of first-time announcing)! The fact that the weather cleared up immediately upon the King of the Finger Lakes entering the race site was purely coincidental, despite speculation that a king's decree cleared the skies.
Next year’s event is slated for August 20, and registration will open soon with early bird rates. We’ll keep you all posted on when it’s ready. Until then, thanks again for helping this race grow. We'll be in touch!
~ The Peasantman Events Crew
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